The Family for Your Family


Farm Maid Soap & Natural Products is

a family business.

We have developed our own goat milk soap recipe and process which creates a long lasting bar of soap with great lather and excellent moisturizing properties.

We started out small – selling at one event a year in Corbett, Oregon over 11 years ago. After a while, we began getting requests for our soap and lotion year round. One thing lead to another and here we are today! Last year we made over 30,000 bars of goat’s milk soap! Our goat milk soap business has been our family’s full time income for several years now. We are very thankful for our great customer base!

During the spring, summer and fall you can find us at several Farmer’s Markets every week. We also do a few Events during the summer. During the winter we are at multiple Holiday Events every weekend. You can also buy our products year round from multiple stores.

In addition to goat milk soap, we also make lotion (from scratch – not a pre-made base!), soy candles & perfumes.

We are a home schooling family with 5 children still at home (plus one away at college). The kids range from a toddler to a married daughter (the only girl!) and lots of boys in between! So far, we have one grandchild – a girl! Our family is environmentally conscious, tries to eat as naturally as we can (love that goat’s milk!) and is active in theater, music, art, community and church.

Everyone helps out with the business & has their “specialty”. Our daughter runs our Soy Candle department – and creates fabulous candles that will fill your rooms with amazing scents. Our roll-on perfumes are created by one of our teen age sons! Most bar soaps are labeled by 2 sons, our son-in-law, and grandma! Jay (hubby and “the dad”), does most of the soap cutting and runs the shipping dept. The little boys (3 of them) help with stacking soap for drying. I still do most of the soap making, but several of the boys, Jay and our son-in-law are all learning and are soap maker apprentices.

And yes – we have goats!